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Timmy's Journal

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
2:50 am
their alot of crazy people in this world, but the most crazy person i know is callie, she is having a pretend vaction with her family at her house ( who in their right mind does that) each night their in a differnt place , tonight they blew up palms tress and filled their bath tub up and went swimming lol and to top that they turned on their heat to make it seem like their at a beach and that it is really hot out, com on how poor can u get (lol j/k) they arent really having all that shit in their house but they are having vaction at their house. well to another topic BOYFRIENDS, what a touchy subject for me. i envy kelly, becasue her boyfriend is perfect he treats her right and they just have the perfect relationship and thats something i have always wanted , but i feel its never going to happen :( and know brit has a boyfriend and callie will probly go out with vinne, i just hope they dont forget about me (which i know they wont) well enought of that . tonight waz cool me kelly, sarahand phil went to huck finns were we always see bill( bill has no life ) wait huck finns his his life . then we droped off phil and picked up callie

i love u all

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
1:26 am - summer va k
wow its finally summer 3 months of fun and crazy shit, well what sux is that callie went and fucked up her car again ( what else is new ), this summer should be great especially with my nigs kelly sarah callie and brittany. well today me kelly, callie and brit went out with her friend steve and just drove around, then we went to phils and hung out their while some weird kid name vinnce played the guaiter. then me and kelly and brittany went to vist scott and bonnie and it turns out when we went their they were FUCKING now thats pretty gross. well i am out i will update to let you know how me and my doctor went

i am outtie

love ya timmy

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
6:39 pm - crazy
last night waz crazy, brittany callie kelly and sarh went to best buy to meet this really ugly guy name paul, he one of those guys who look good from far away but up close u would wanna throw a bag on his head :) then this 40 year old guy called sarah a fat ass , which shes not, shes really pretty and then after that we drop kelly off and they got high and we went to a bolwing alley, what fun that waz

well i am out callie will be here sooon i will update later love you all

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